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High-quality translations and texts that are as appealing as they are accurate.




I’m Julie, a freelance translator and editor with a passion for the written word and a penchant for detail. I believe that translations should be every bit as good as the source text. They should be accurate, attractive and fully tailored to the target audience.

As a native speaker, I provide high-quality English translation, proofreading and editing services.




I believe that delivering the best quality means translating into your native language. I therefore focus exclusively on Dutch-to-English translations and English-language edits. I specialise in academic, commercial and creative texts for a diverse range of clients.



The creative sector encompasses a range of specialisations, from art & design and fashion & beauty to short stories, poetry and lyrics. As such, it calls for a measure of linguistic creativity from both writers and translators. It’s all about conveying a feeling and an atmosphere in a translated text that stays true to the original. Examples of translations in this field include exhibition brochures and museum catalogues, poetry and song lyrics, short stories, beauty and fashion advertorials, and social media content.



In the commercial sector, communicating the right message is crucial to a brand’s identity. This calls for clear and compelling language, linguistic style and flow, and a good understanding of the target audience. Examples of translations in this field include marketing texts, press releases, new product launches and manuals, website content, and trade fair materials.



When translating texts for the academic sector, it’s important to have a familiarity with both the demographic and the discipline. Accuracy and consistency, particularly with respect to terminology and style, are also extremely important. Examples of translations in this field include programme catalogues, course brochures, dissertation summaries, university newsletters, and press releases.

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The Message
  • Translations by a qualified native speaker
  • Texts that communicate the right message, feeling, and style
  • Client databases for consistent terminology use
  • Thorough editing for improved flow, style, and grammatical accuracy


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